About Kim L. Allen

My mission is to help you #LiveLifeWell holistically through Knowledge, Inspiration, Motivation, and my Education and Life Events Provided My Experience, which I am most Grateful for. Caring for others may not always be Easy but Oh, it's Worth it...Priceless.  

I was always Happy to be a part of a team that helped: 
•My older adopted sister who was diagnosed with stomach cancer; this is how I learned about the dynamics of the digestive system and how to purée and juice.

•My father diagnosed with HIV, diabetes and high blood pressure, this is how I learned about the power of food , nutrition and how to meal prep.

•A family member diagnosed with asthma and epilepsy , this is how I learned the beauty of cleansing and when it's most effective and healing for the body.

•My Mother diagnosed with cancer, given 2 months to live, lived 2 years with love, faith, family, and my expertise and Meals that Heal, cheering her on. 

So I am quite in Love with cheering people on to #LiveLifeWell.

I am a trained and certified health/wellness coach, with receiving credentials and attending Trinity, Hallelujah Acres and IIN.

In each case I stayed positive and pursued my ComPASSION with a Plan; With Love, Prayer and Care, the ability to #LiveLifeWell was achieved. The Keep It Moving with Kim Community has grown…reaching many people from different walks of life, including Spiritual Leaders, Entertainers, Athletes, Celebrities and YOU, to have a healthy and lasting change, Spirit, Soul & Body! 

After years of my articles being featured in Magazines and Community Papers, I have authored my first of an eight series Cooking & Lifestyle Guide "Kim's Kitchen Meals That Heal!" This book along with my Health and Wellness Coaching has helped my family and people to reach their level of Harmonious Health (Household Health) and Live Life Well Holistically!