Rise and S•H•I•N•E

Rise and S•H•I•N•E ! 
Getting The Proper Sleep helps us Keep our Hormones And Cells Renewed and Restored So We Can #LiveLifeWell 
😅Hydration Is A Celebration of Who We Are ...Water ! 
Hydrate, I Promise You'll Feel Great , Wake Up Organs and Nourish Your Cells. 
32oz in The Am and A Green Energy Drink for Breakfast ! 
💪🏾Immunity, Our Community Of Soldiers that Fight So We Can Live Right . Lifestyle and The Ability to SHINE can help us Stay Around for A Longer Happier Time ! 
HELPS any Condition and Aids in the Best Rendition of Ourselves . 
It has to do with what we are able to absorb and works in accord With Food and Mood ! 
Helps us Rise and Assist In Recovery Of Most Compromise We May Experience 
Spirit Soul Body 
#AsKim❤️ #LiveLifeWell💙
Get Fit In The Gym Lose Weight In The Kitchen

How has your wellness journey been going so far? What has been a challenge for you? 
Waste Management

Instead of looking at Weight look at Waste. Did you know that when you weigh yourself at least four times a day, in the am before you eliminate and after, after naps and in the pm, before you turn in, that you will notice a difference in what you weigh at times?

This helped me to create daily goals of water intake, movement and nutrition to aid in absorption, assimilation and elimination throughout the day. You can use this as an option in approaching your wellness goals to assist you in reaching your ideal, healthy weight. Perception, it's Waste! Get It Out and #KeepItMoving! What goes In Must Come Out!