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Ginger-L   Love For Your Tummy / The Beverage With Benefits 
Our Unique Blended Beverage Is An Great Option To  
Maintain Your Healthy Weight, Support and Strengthen Your Systems ! 

With Most Things Consistency is Key, Over time it's been noted by many The Wellness Effect it has in the Entire Body, Especially The Digestive System. 

This 100 % Organic Blended Beverage With Benefits Is Infused With LOVE, Pure Water, Ginger, Pears, Apples, Lime, Organic Frankincense and Date Sugar.
❤️Bottle BPA Free

Drinking Our Beverage Over Time Can 
•Improve Digestion 
•Eliminate Waste for Healthy Weight
•Support Healthy Sinuses and Systems

Suggested Commitment 
8oz. 3 Times A Day Until 
Desired Results and Restoration Reached !  

🔥For An Accelerated Impact 
❤️Hydrate And Feel Great Through Out The Day with Water 
❤️Nourish Your Body With Prepared Fresh Meals That Heal 
❤️Exercise and Keep That Body Moving ! 

#JuLive a month of adding Whole Live Food to every meal for Healty Living! Helps Prevent 
Dis-EASE, Heal, RESTore and Maintain 
Cells, Organs, Tissue, Blood, Ligaments ,
Systems , Skin , Mind, Brain and So Much More #JuLIVE . 
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